Mega Colors

In 2007,  due to the public demand for a product which would paint quicker, Montana Colors created Mega, the first range of sprays in a 600ml format. 


The time has now come to upgrade, so that even the most demanding writer will remain satisfied. We have modified our formula, gaining a faster flow, thicker lines and better coverage than ever before. Additionally, we have  extended the range to twelve of our brightest, most opaque colors.


Increased Opacity

With this new formula we have achieved a perfect equilibrium between opacity and density.


New color chart

Enhancing our range, we give a warm welcome to Paris Green, Anonymous Violet and Geisha Violet, which only makes this color range more dynamic.


High Powered

A stable and uniform composition for a 600ml, which permits the can to maintain constant pressure right to the end. Giving the Mega the ability to achieve wider lines with better coverage than ever before, thus fully optimising its performance.


Extreme temperatures

This new formula also permits optimum functionality in even the most extreme weather conditions. Fully tested as low as -15 C and above +35 C.


600 ml.

Available caps

Basic range with 12 bright colors especially suited to those looking to cover large surfaces quickly, due to the spray format. 

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