MTN 94

The name of this super high quality spray paint is a tribute to the year Montana Colors was founded. The 94 offers an immense range of chromatic combinations thanks to the extensive and organized color spectrum. 


An easy spray to use due to its low pressure and fast drying time. This makes it extraordinarily versatile for both indoor and outdoor work, and has a pleasant vanilla scent to reduce bothersome odors in enclosed areas.  


The valve permits use with all types of caps: skinny caps for thin lines and detail, fat caps for the fastest fills and fades, as well as other special caps used for specific projects. 


· 400 ml.

· Low pressure.


More info: Technical & Safety data sheets

Available caps

Professional color chart with 174 high-coverage matte colors. This is especially useful for interior pieces and at times when you don't want any reflection in the paint.

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