As its name suggests, it seems like the Alien spray can came from outer space. Its size is unique to the market (250ml.), has a satin finish with thick opacity, and a sensitive valve ideal for details and thin lines. 


Available in a wide range of colors designed especially for the most artistic graffiti pieces.  


Alien was the first to experiment with semi-transparent and translucent colors, originally called “espectro”, which permitted layering different tones to create volume, highlights, and effects. Poltergeist is another Alien experiment; a phosphorescent (glow-in-dark) spray paint.


The valve permits use with all types of caps: skinny caps for thin lines and detail, fat caps for the fastest fills and fades, as well as other special caps used for specific projects. 


· 250 ml. Low pressure.

· High opacity.

· Sensitive valve.

· Satin finish.


More info: Technical & Safety data sheets

Available caps

The satin-finish range from Montana Colors offers 23 colors, this has been specially developed for the most demanding of murals. Its chart contains the spectral colors; five semi-transparent tones for experimenting with glazes and light/dark colors. 

Choose colors from the chart and share them with your friends by email and/or social network.

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