At Montana Colors, we created the T.N.T. paint bomb as a subversive but inoffensive weapon which permits expression of a fight, but also the desire for peace. Via this project of solidarity, we have been able to donate 7% of the sales for this product to humanitarian and environmental causes, in an exercise of personal and sincere compromise, because change begins with each one of us.

Join us by leaving your message of peace. Each message is a drop of color which increases the size of this bomb of solidarity. Add your 'drop' to the virtual paint bomb. Join us in the cause.

If you want to know more about this product, click here. To find out more about the T.N.T. campaign, click on this link.





· 400 ml. High pressure.

· Matt finish.


More info: Technical & Safety data sheets

Available caps

Basic range with 7 colors available in this spray created for humanitarian purposes. This is ideal for pieces that require high quality matte paint and bright colors. 

Choose colors from the chart and share them with your friends by email and/or social network.

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