Montana Colors strengthens its commitment to technical aerosol products with the release of the MTN PRO range.

The range includes a wide selection of primers, paints and varnishes for specific uses that provide professional and practical solutions in a diverse array of sectors such as: DIY, crafts, industry, automotive or nautical sectors.

Metallic Paint
9 Colors.
Paint with a metallic-like effect that provides a glossy and uniform finish. Apt for multiple uses such as decoration and protection (automobiles, bicycles, decorative objects, DIY) of various surfaces: wood, metal, stainless steel, glass, wicker, plaster, ceramic, stone, hard plastic…
The effect is long-lasting. Strong adhesion and is highly resistant to weathering.

Erasable Chalk Paint
8 Colors.
Alcohol-based, matt finish paint that is fast drying and highly opaque. Developed for use in temporary markings on non-porous surfaces (construction, sports events, film decoration, children’s games, temporary decorations, etc.) and situations where an easily removable spray paint is required. Resistant to wear. Does not leave overspray.
To remove the paint scrub with a damp cloth or pressurized water.

Matt Fixative Lacquer
1 Transparent.
Transparent matt lacquer, perfect for fixing and protecting artworks on paper in various artistic techniques (pastel, charcoal, pencil, graphite, water-color) against dust and humidity. Provides a matt finish without altering the color as it is non-yellowing.

Photoluminescent painting
Paint consisting of pigments that charge up under light in a short period of time, and then emit light in the dark for a long period of time. Ideal for evacuation route signage, emergency panels, tunnels, parking lots, decoration objects and spaces without lighting where signage is required. The effect is long-lasting and maximum luminous effect is obtained when applied to white surfaces.

Fluorescent Paint
3 Colors.
Very brightly colored paint that is perfect for providing surfaces with luminosity and making them visible from a distance. The pigment’s purity causes the paint to be highly luminous. May be used in topographical signage, mining, DIY, construction, industry… To obtain a more eye-catching finish, apply a coat of MTN White Background Primer first. A subsequent varnish coat with MTN Acrylic Varnish is recommended if greater permanence and resistance to wear is required.



3 Varnishes. Acrylic thermoplastic resin varnish with a solvent base that is ultra fast-drying. Suitable for protecting and embellishing surfaces.