Montana Shop & Gallery Barcelona

C/ Comerç, 6 - 08003 Barcelona

Tel./Fax: (+34) 93 268 01 91 

Trading hours: Monday-Saturday, de 10-21h.

Barcelona, the city that saw Montana Colors grow in reference to the Graffiti and Street Art scene since the start of the new millennium were the obvious reason we inaugurated, in 2004, our first official Shop & Gallery. This project model came about from the idea to be able to find in one place both the works of young talented or international writers and, at the same time, be able to find our MTN products, be it produced by ourselves or part of our vast distribution network.


Successively after this, cities such as Sâo Paulo, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Rio de Janeiro, Sevilla, Madrid, Montpellier amongst many others, until we get to the actual current 14 stores… for a full list click here.