MTN Swatchbook

New professional color chart 283 colors at your fingertips

This sample booklet is printed with the same paint from our spray cans so you can pre-visualize and plan your projects as closely as possible.

To increase this booklet’s lifetime, we recommend storing it away from direct sunlight and handling it with care as a tool for precision.



The “Swatchbook” includes the two most extensive color ranges by Montana Colors: 94 and Hardcore, totalling 283 spray paint color samples presented in their original hues.

The color chart also provides information regarding the most appropriate nozzles as well as technical information about these products.


The ultraviolet (U.V.) resistance factor is crucial in guaranteeing the durability of exterior paints or for those to be applied on surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight and weathering. Depending on the pigments and their nature, this may vary.

The opacity level is important in determining the coverage and performance of the colors.


To ensure better conservation, the new version of the professional color chart comes in a protective plastic case to avoid the pages from becoming bent or dirty.

*The MTN_UPC_System document is available at ethis link in the'Other documentation'section