WTF Permanent Stickers

The customizable WTF stickers are extra resistant due to two factors:
- The material with which they are manufactured which breaks into pieces, making it impossible to peel them off in one piece.
- For their adhesiveness, which gets more permanent over time until it practically fuses into the surface on which it is stuck.
WTF stickers are permanent, customizable and perfect for exterior use due to their strong adherence and water resistance.
These types of stickers are highly regarded amongst travelling graffiti writers since they allow you to leave your style behind wherever you go.

WTF Permanent Stickers are served in boxes of 50 units and come equipped with a black, permanent mini marker.
Sizes: 60x100mm (2.3x3.9in).
To suit all tastes, the WTF stickers are available in three different designs.

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