15 of January of 2013

Yesterday, without even having had time to digest the start of the new year, during some maintenance work made by another company external to ours we have suffered an accident that has destroyed two paint storages, and parts of a gas installation. Luckily enough the factory stands practically intact.


First and foremost in this moment of concern is the recovery of the two workers which suffered burns during the incident. The two men are employees of the company Pearre from Zaragoza, supplier of ours since more than a decade, which where at the time of the fire conducting maintenance work at the site. Pedro and Ismael! We are with you all the way!


We also want to send out our regards to Carles Cornadó, head of production at Montana, who gave first aid to the wounded and acted fast to alert emergency at the first stages against the fire.


Not to be forgotten is the great work of the Catalan Firefighters , and the Local Police force of Sant Vicenç de Castellet as well as the Mossos d’ Esquadra for their great profesionality and sensibility in such a delicate and tense situation.


Today, Sunday, we are working with all we have to restore normality in our production as fast as possible, and we believe that in a few weeks we will be back at 100%.


We are truly grateful for all the solidarity shown by neighbors, friends, clients, suppliers and at he same time we would like to apologize for this frightening situation and all the discomfort and inconvenience created.


‘A man that never falls over is no braver than the one who gets back up after falling.’


Jordi Rubio. CEO of Montana Colors

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