New Water Based Marker formats
17 of May of 2017

The Montana Colors Water Based Marker range, a highly resistant water-based paint, is expanding to include new formats and colors to provide users with a range of products that suits their every need.

New Formats

Ultrafine (0,8 mm)
Precision tip made of polyester and metal measuring 0.8 mm in size that is suitable for ultra-fine lines. Highly resistant to wear and deformation and allows for a smooth and consistent outline.

Extrafine (1,2 mm)
1.2 mm plastic tip for fine lines that makes it possible to work on any type of surface (paper,
plastics, glass, cardboard, canvas, wood, ceramics, metal, fabric, leather…) without causing irregularities or excess paint build-up.

Marker Packs

The complete range of Water Based Markers is available in two sets of 20 colors with 3 or 5 mm
tips. 2 Fine (3 mm) Water Based Marker sets of 3 are also available:
Metallic color pack: Gold, silver and black.
Primary color pack: Red, yellow and blue.

Silver and gold

The range is complete with two new colors. Gold and silver are now available in Fine (3 mm)
and Medium (5 mm) tips. Highly opaque, quick drying Water-based, and metallic paint.
Suitable for all kinds of artistic, creative and craft projects.

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