94 Graphic Marker

We’ve expanded the family of MTN 94 Graphic Markers with new sets of 12 and 24 units.
Alcohol-based ink.
Colors are similar to the MTN 94 range.
Fast drying.

Two types of polyester tips:
· Fine point for details.
· Chisel tip for filling and doing calligraphy.


· Pastel Set 12 (Includes blender)

· Grey Set 12 (Includes blender)

· Main A - Grey Set 24 (Includes blender and basic colors)

· Main B - Pastel Set 24 (Main B - Pastel Set 24 Includes blender and basic colors)

*The MTN_UPC_System document is available at this link in the'Other documentation'section

Amarillo Claro /Light Yellow
Amarillo Yosemite/Yosemite Yellow
Magenta /Magenta
Rojo Vivo /Vivid Red
Ultravioleta /Ultraviolet
Azul Lluvia /Rain Blue
Azul Oscuro/Dark Blue
Verde Esmeralda /Emerald Green
Verde Guacamole /Guacamole G.
Marron Roble /Oak Brown
Carbon Black /Black
Amarillo Ipanema/Ipanema Yellow
Rosa Supernova/Supernova Pink
Chicle /Chewing Gum
Violeta Shiva/Shiva Violet
Violeta Comunidad/Community Violet
Verde Vespa/Vespa Green
Verde Luz/Luminous Green
Azul Ángel/Angel Blue
Gris Stardust/Stardust Grey
Gris Siberia/Siberian Grey
Gris Rita /Rita Grey