94 Paint Marker

Line of high quality paint markers with 94 coverage. 16 colors (10 “normal” colors, 2 metallic -silver and gold, and 4 fluorescents) ideal for all types of art projects on any surface.


Long durability thanks to its solvent base. 15mm felt tip. Easy refill, open marker chamber with the help of a coin for more convenient refill.


Alcohol based

UV resistance

Gloss colours

Fast refill

*The MTN_UPC_System document is available at this link in the'Other documentation'section

R-9011/ Black
R-3020/ Light Red
R-4010/ Magenta
RV-30/ Electric Blue
RV-34/ Guacamole Green
Plata/ Silver Chrome
RV-109/Canarias Yellow
RV-174/Venus Violet
RV-156/Barceloneta Blue
Fluor/ Fluorescent Yellow
Fluor/ Fluorescent Orange
Fluor/ Fluorescent Fuchsia
Fluor/Fluorescent Green