Water Based Markers

Perfect coverage.

Fast drying.

Complete adhesion.

Tips 3 and 5 mm.

18 Colors

Cadmium Yellow Medium /Light Yellow
Azo Orange Light/ Tangerine
Azo Orange /Orange
Naphthol Red/Light Red
Quinacridone Rose /Love Pink
Quinacridone Magenta /Magenta
Blue Violet Light /Witch Violet
Dioxazine Purple /Ultraviolet
Phthalo Blue Light /Arctic Blue
Prussian Blue /Electric Blue
Turquoise Green /Paris Green
Brilliant Yellow Green /Mojito Green
Brilliant Light Green /Guacamole G.
Naples Yellow /Safari Brown
Raw Sienna /Kruger Brown
Neutral Grey Light /Siberian Grey
Titanium White /White
Carbon Black /Black
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