Historia Timeline
1987. Graffiti arrives in Barcelona. First exposure.

If you had to choose the starting point of Graffiti in Barcelona, you would have to mention the ‘Spray Safari’ mural painted by the Trepax Collective, amongst others, in 1987. It was directly opposite this wall, located at Calle Jaen in the Distrito de Gracia, where founder of Montana Colors, Jordi Rubio, would park his car while visiting his favorite rock-climbing store.

At this moment he could never have imagined, upon seeing that first imagery, that it would bring about a new reality that would change his life forever. 




1993. Second encounter. The arrival of inspiration.
A few years later, in May 1993 you could find Jordi Rubio busy working as a young business executive at the paint company, Felton. One day, after analyzing the markets falling under his responsibility, he discovers that one of his retail stores in particular is showing far superior sales than that of any of his other clients. He visited this hardware/gardening business to try and understand the reasons for this particular outstanding sales record.
One of the shops employees, Moockie—who was also a well-respected local writer—spoke of the phenomenon that is Graffiti. Also, he spoke of his passion for the art form that so many of his peers shared, amongst them ‘Kapi’- another well known writer, who together are the source for the constant influx of young writers looking for spray cans. They took the opportunity to show Jordi a copy of the “Game Over Magazine” (first published in 1992), asked for some caps/nozzles, and also commented that they were looking into opening a graffiti store. It was during this conversation that the imagery of the Spray Safari mural seared into his retinas years previously came flooding back to mind.
1993. First official point of sale: Game Over Shop.

The Game Over Shop in Distrito Barcelones de Gracia was the first point of sale for Montana Colors in the city and was instrumental in launching and promoting the brand. It would lay a foundation and pave the way as a new business model, the first Hip Hop store to introduce the sale of spray paint. The launch of the “low cost” concept, keeping in mind the end user, the Graffiti writer. Motivated and excited by all the possibilities, Jordi made a proposal to Felton to begin developing a product aimed specifically at the Graffiti market.

1994. The start of the adventure.
The proposal to develop a new product was ultimately rejected by Felton. But this did not stop young Jordi, who driven by his vision, decided to leave the company and established Montana Colors along with his friend and colleague Miguel Galea. The objective was simple and clear: to produce a spray can specifically designed to meet the demands of Graffiti writers, with an excellent quality and great coverage, an extensive color range, and above all, at a very affordable price.
Combining the technical knowledge of Jordi and Miguel, with the input of Moockie and Kapi, they did exactly that and produced the first Montana spray can.  Classic, a 200ml format can in 60 colors, that offered writers for the very first time in the history of Graffiti, the ability to create clean lines while enjoying a nice pressure with excellent coverage.
Fabrication began of the first units of the Classic in a rented small paint factory in Esparraguera (just outside of Barcelona). They were hand-loaded and transported into town by car by Quim, our first delivery driver who is still with us today.
1994. First MTN design.

The designed logo of Montana Colors and the Classic 200ml can. The source of inspiration: A circle that represents the world parted in three forms: One for each of the primary colors - CMY - sustained in balance as a grid on top of a infinite black - K -. The idea was to give certain prestige to a product specialized for writers, based on two essential concepts: Quality and health, and thru this change the old image and reputation of classic spray paint from hardware stores and garages.

1994. Aerosol Art festival.

It was a month later in June, 1994 when for the first time, Montana Colors was presented to the general public at one of the first Graffiti festivals in the city- “Aeorosol Art” which was organized by the Game Over Shop. 200 units of the original Classic, in the color black, started circulating through the hands of Writers who were instantly amazed at the results.


More Info

1994. Our first Ad.

The first Montana Colors advertisement came out in 1994 amongst the pages of Game Over Magazine #6. Again molds were broken with an image in which local writer ‘Abismo’ appears painting the Metro. This marked the start of our support towards independent publications.

1995. First sales abroad.

The first international sales to Europe begin in 1995, both to Edinburgh (Scotland) and  various artist groups as is the case of the Genoese AL. Meanwhile, the pioneer graffiti shop Game Over (Barcelona), relocates to Consell de Cent Street where it opens doors under the name Bunker and as a concept "hip hop store".

1996. The birth of the Hardcore

1996 was the year that saw the birth of our most emblematic can in a 400ml format. Pressured by the growing demand of local and European writers who wanted a higher pressure can that worked with a Pink DotFat Cap and the Grey Skinny Banana, research and development led to the female, higher pressure valve. It was this last capability that spawned the name when Kapi exclaimed “That’s hardcore!” after trying it for the first time.


1997. And we keep growing.

In 1997 we moved to our new fabrication plant and established our first warehouse in Vacarisses, a small town on the outskirts of Barcelona.


1997. First distributors in Europe


Holland, France, Germany and Sweden were among the first countries to start officially distributing Montana Colors products, with the clear objective of trying to meet the strong demand that in 1997, existed all over Europe.

At the same time we kept developing our marketing strategy by offering sponsorship to the nation’s major festivals, such as the case of Festimad, which now involves graffiti. 


1997. The innovation continues. The birth of the "Donut"

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come about by chance. This was exactly the case for Jordi Rubio, who by chance, whilst in the shower noticed the embellishments on the taps. It was at this moment that Jordi’s “light bulb” lit up. This was the moment that would bring about the “Donut” a color identifier and revolutionary concept that would forever change the aesthetics and functionality within the aerosol industry. It was a direct and effective solution to the problem that North-American Writers had, in which they had to paint their fingers and mark the top rim of the cans in order to ascertain which color was contained inside. The Donut made this problem just a part of history.

1998 …and we don't stop! We continue fabricating & We continue innovating.

We situated ourselves at the site in 1998 and the rhythm of fabrication, production and promotional campaigns increased against the never ending demand across Europe and the rest of the world.

At this point the first ideas were developed to create other formats than the Classic 250ml and Hardcore 400ml cans. So, the family of sprays grew with the ancestors of the 600ml MEGA and 750ml MAXIMO. The research and development of different caps/nozzles also began which offered the writer a wider variety of lines.


1999. First inter-continental exports.

In the final year of the 20th Century, Montana Colors makes a definitive move into the United States, Canada and Mexico and also made its way into South America via Argentina. With these first exports, we established the name as truly a global brand name. And with the fantastic reception our product received on these two continents, it offered a very promising future.

2000. Unethical campaign against Montana Colors.


We entered the market strong, and like any successful company we drew the attention of a large German multinational corporation who made an offer to acquire Montana Colors. We strongly valued our independence and naturally rejected the offer. This caused the large multinational company to respond by deciding to initiate a disloyal campaign against our company, using our own name to confuse and deceive our customers. We suffered the consequential financial losses of some disloyal clients moving over to this new ‘competition’ and had to defend our name and rights against this obvious plagiarism in multiple court cases.


To top it all, we found fraudulent copies of our Hardcore can distributed throughout some European countries and were unjustly accused of using harmful substances in our spray paint by a well-known, although  not quite independent by the nature of its actions, journal for European graffiti.


2002. The birth of Spray Planet.

Time passes, and no matter how many obstacles are imposed on us, our survival instinct and motivation for our job, makes us raise our heads and look into the future with clear vision and determination.

The ideas keep flowing such as building business models as we launch Spray Planet as a distributor for graffiti products in Spain. From here we not only offer to the customer products made by Montana Colors but also publications from independent editors of books, videos and magazines. These will be the testimony to the graffiti lifestyle we all live so intensely.

At the same, the first ideas were discussed to develop a prototype of totally different can, low pressure, matte and in a new and manageable format… Does Alien ring a bell? 



2002. The birth of the Mega and the Maximo.

We mentioned before, after roughly four years in which we had been experimenting with different size cans with different characteristics, we could in 2002 talk of the official launch of MEGA 600ml and MAXIMO 750ml. We kept on innovating with the rest of the competition lagging behind, taking notes.


2002. Birth of the Hardcore Marker.

In this same year we continued adding and launching new innovations to our products and on this occasion it was a line of markers called Hardcore which came in different sizes and color ranges.

2002. A fire destroys the factory in Vacarisses.

True to the saying, "When it rains, it pours,” a ‘freak’ static electricity accident started a huge, devastating blaze which totally destroyed our factory in Vacarisses. We lost everything, but not our hope. That will be the last thing to be lost. So we swung into survival mode and as only the strong will survive, we gritted our teeth and started again. Thanks to the dedication and determination of our workers we tried to raise-up after such a huge hit.


2003. Rise of the Phoenix.


In 2003 Montana Colors was reborn in the Sant Vicenç de Castellet plant. 

We started over,step by step, brick by brick.


2003. The first painting of the factory plant by Os Gemeos & Nina.

We are lucky to have friends like Os Gemeos and Nina who were with us during these tough and trying times.   They decided to infect us with their positive spirit by painting our new factory with a magical shield; that would protect us in the years to come. Ordem e progresso!


2003. Limited editions.

What better way to represent the works of artists of both national and international fame than their very own 400ml spray can? At Montana Colors we were the first to produce this type of collectable limited edition can. Os Gemeos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) was the first to collaborate with us in 2003. Behind them came the likes of Honet, Seen, Cope2, Shepard Fairey, Mark y Vaughn Bodé, Tilt, and Sento o Aryz with a run of 500 units by each artist, which came boxed and sealed.

A family that grows each year and leaves no one indifferent.



2003. We push our name.

In this year we have started up our public relations again to show the professional sector and everyone else that we are more alive than ever. We are present at major fashion and trade shows to not only promote our brand name but also the main reason we exist: Graffiti.

2003. Barcelona International Comic fair.

2003 was the first year  Montana participated in this international exhibition of the cartoon world in Barcelona. 

Since then we haven´t missed an edition!


2003. The birth of "The Boina" ("The Beret”).


Montana Colors came up with the idea and created the ‘boina’ as a useful element to cover and protect the valve of the Hardcore can in the absence of a cap. In this fashion the 400ml spray presented itself as a stylized and independent element without the need for other accessories such as the classic lid or cover that traditionally came with them.


2003. The birth and fabrication of Micro.

A year after restarting comes the baby of the family in our spray range, the ‘baby’ Micro 30ml.

It comes to show that against all adversities there is always reason to continue on and the future is a bright one.



2004. Alien

2004. We fabricated and produced our most “experimental” spray can, the ALIEN, with a chart of 70 colors. The high concentration of pigment, a very sophisticated low pressure valve system, and revolutionary format make the Alien a technical product designed especially for those who search for high precision with a great finish for their works. 

2004. Alien spectrum colors

As the techniques of writer’s increased, so did the demand to stay a step ahead in products which were developed specifically for Graffiti Art. The Spectrum colors - Air White, Ethereal yellow, Soul Red, Atmosphere Blue, Shadow Black and Poltergeist - were born from the Alien colour chart to explore with the use of shadows, tints, and lights, offering a semi-transparent finish. These products were the first of its type on the market.

2004. Montana Shop & Gallery.
Barcelona, the city that saw Montana Colors grow in reference to the Graffiti and Street Art scene since the start of the new millennium were the obvious reason we inaugurated, in 2004, our first official Shop & Gallery. This project model came about from the idea to be able to find in one place both the works of young talented or international writers and, at the same time, be able to find our MTN products, be it produced by ourselves or part of our vast distribution network.
Successively after this, cities such as Sâo Paulo, Argentina, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Rio de Janeiro, Sevilla, Valencia, Madrid, Montpellier amongst many others, until we get to the actual current 13 stores… for a full list click here.
2005. Montana Shop & Gallery Brussels.

Montana Shop & Gallery Brussels was opened to the public in 2005 offering a complete catalog for writers, a large selection of books and magazines, and above all, one of the most frequented galleries in the city. A must for all writers who visits the Belgium capital.



2005. Keep the Planet clean.

In 2005 Montana Colors created and developed the content for Keep the Planet Clean. This program outlines our promise to minimize our impact on the environment from our production to distribution, something we demand from our suppliers and promote to our clients.

The first step was the creation of recycling bins, which became a habitual and necessary part of all festivals and exhibitions with the aim of promoting the responsible act of depositing in them empty cans.


2006. Montana Shop & Gallery Sao Paulo.

With 20 million habitants spread over 7900km2, Sao Paulo is one of the most populated cities in the world. This megalopolis is the ecomomic motor of South American giant, Brazil, the world capital of Pixaçao and in recent years, of Brazilian Graffiti.

In the heart of the city comes our first Brazilian Montana Shop with a decorative interior that simulates the tunnels of the Paulista Metro. It is a good reference point where to find a vast range of Montana Colors products.

2006. Montana Shop & Gallery Montpellier.


Montpellier is such an attractive city and so active in Graffiti that we thought it would be an excellent idea to open a Shop & Gallery there which could represent us in the south of France with its two owners, Nico and Kristelle.

Situated in the city center, very close to the main station, the store has been operating since 2006, offering everything a writer needs while meeting the typical French standards for good style and elegance.




2006. Bread & Butter Barcelona

This was our first year with a stall in the professional zone of one of the most important international trade shows. We continued representing in the following years as the only company present which produces spray paint specifically for Graffiti.

2007. Official distributor of Posca.

Posca, the biggest seller of markers in the world, also chooses the commercial network of Montana Colors to distribute its products in Spain. Without a doubt it is one of our customers favorite choices!.

2007. Construmat fair in Barcelona.

In this year we participated for the first time in what is considered to be one of the most important construction industry trade shows in Europe: Construmat. Knowing the relationship between architects and Graffiti as a decorative solution we continued participating for the following three years.


2007. Montana Shop Valencia.

In the heart of the city, very close to the northern station, you find Montana Shop & Gallery Valencia. Over the years the city has become one of the Spanish capitals for Spanish writing and therefore, it was clear that there was a need for a store which covered and met the needs of local writers.



2007. The Montana Gallery in Barcelona.

Shortly after opening our official store in Barcelona, the store next door became available for lease. We saw this as a perfect opportunity with the vision of a gallery being the perfect complement to the official store.

This way we could provide a space where different exhibitions would be rotated through by young, talented local and national artists as well as some international figures.

Since our first exhibition by Os Gemeos, we have also exhibited the likes of Suso33, Moockie & Zeta, Henry Chalfant & Sharp, Loomit, San, Okuda, Won ABC, Alex Fakso, Sawe, Dran, Smole, SozyOne, Steve Harrington, Vino, Inocuo, Escif, and Aryz o Tilt amongst many others.


2007. Second painting of the factory plant by Os Gemeos & Nina.

5 years later, the magic came back to the factory plant at the hands of our friends from Sao Paulo, who returned to renew its look by adding new shapes and colors charged with simbology.

2007. Nitro 2G (400 ml) With Silver Killer technology.

Due to technical reasons, the specific formula of metallic paints is completely different to other paints. This is why on certain occasions, certain incompatibilities may occur. To combat this problem Montana Colors developed a new concept: ‘Silver Killer’. Specifically designed to enable metallic colors to be painted over without any problems. We began in 2007 with black and further on to the current range of Nitro 2G and Nitro 2G Colors.


2007. MTN Colors Russia.


Russia is without a doubt, one of the scenes in Europe where Graffiti is developing at a rapid pace and quality over the last few years.

Since Spring 2007, Original Montana Colors products have a renewed presence within Moscow and other major Russian cities, thanks to the hard work of Alex; our Russian distributor.


2007. Decorative mural: "Montana Color's & the world" by San.

The illustrator and muralist, SAN created this impressive mural inside our offices at Montana #1, which represented our presence across the globe, identifying each of our distribution points with our colored donuts.

2007. Montana Shop & Gallery Buenos Aires.

Located in beautiful Barrio Belgrano, Montana Shop & Gallery Buenos Aires is our official flagship store in Argentina. The owners of the shop, Gabriel and Maya, are a wonderful couple who have for years been responsible for various graffiti events in the local scene. In just a short space of time this store transformed into a place of pilgrimage for writers from all across South America, as well as from abroad.

2007. Distribution in Turkey.

At the end of 2007, The Donut Store opens. The first official store dedicated exclusively to Graffiti and Street Art in Turkey. At the same time becoming our official distributor for this country.

2008. Montana Shop & Gallery Nottingham.

With Dilk, the godfather of Nottingham’s Graffiti scene, has been with us for a few years, from the first encounters with Kapi and Moockie in 1995, to the the opening of his first store in 2002. Six years later in 2008, he accomplished his initial mission: to open an official Montana store in the centre of the city.

An enchanting space, that shows its love and passion for Graffiti. A must-do if you are ever in this city!



2008. Nitro 2G Colors.
Previously we had launched the black Nitro 2G with the new ‘Silver Killer’ technology, which enabled metallic colours to be painted over. In 2008 we expanded the color range by adding yellow, orange, intense red, vampire violet, light blue, navy blue, guacamole green and white. Also we added matte colors that have a high pressure with fast drying times in a 500ml format.
2008. Montana Colors en Youtube.

In the year 2008, we launch our own video channel on You Tube. Day by day we have accumulated close to 2,800,000 hits on the 130 videos contained  within our archive. Shortly thereafter, we incorporated other platforms such as Vimeo (2010) and Daily Motion (2011). Come visit us!









2008. "Flor" can holder.

This rack was born of our care for the writer and how best to keep their cans tidy at home. This model Flor is constructed of cardboard, is 100% recyclable, light (at just 4kg!), easy to install or transport with a capacity for 116 cans and is compatible with all cans, which have a diameter of 65mm. The ultimate storage solution while caring for our environment!

2008. Montana Colors clothing.


A fine collection of t-shirts with the most recognizable Montana Colors logos, from the mythical red Hardcore print on a black t-shirt, to the classic, MTN available in two different colors. It is produced in Europe, (no “of”) 100% cotton, and made with excellent tagging and quality. 

At the same time we launched the ‘Girl Hoody’, for the girls who wish to show their love for Montana Colors.


2008. www.sprayplanet.com

In this same year comes to life the official online store of Spain and Portugal for Montana Colors products. Thanks to this platform, we enable people in places with limited access to Montana Colors products, to obtain our products by offering all the conveniences of a home delivery service. With an extensive catalog for Graffiti and Fine Arts related products. Pop in for a visit!



2008. Launch of MTN 94.

Behind this name, a tribute to the year Montana Colors was founded, stands a line of spray paints of the highest quality. An extensive range of 153 colors with  matte finish that provides countless color combinations.

The fast drying times along with its low pressure, make the 94 a spray product that is easily managed and provides great versatility as it can be adapted for uses both interior and exterior.

The valve allows the insertion of all types of caps from both fine lines (skinny caps) or for quick fills and thicker lines (fat caps), to special caps with a specific purpose.

Shortly after its launch it reached world acclaim from writers across the entire globe. It is without a doubt, our superstar!

2009. Montana Shop & Gallery Montreal.

Sino, one of the first train writers in Paris, moved to Montreal almost 10 years ago and has since contributed considerably to the development of the Graffiti scene in this city. After years of hard work, he was able to open a fantastic store with the latest in terms of all Graffiti-ralated products, including the complete range of Montana Colors original. Inside you’ll also find a space in which youngsters can sit, sketch and give their drawings life with accessories supplied by Sino and his partner in crime, Astro. Scien & Klor, the French rock stars whom also moved to the Canadian city drop in every now and then. In this Montana store in Montreal, it breathes graffiti whilst looking out for all the details!.

2009. Montana Shop & Gallery Amsterdam.

Henk started to sell our products in the popular Waterloo market over 10 years ago. Since then, he has been with us through the good and bad times.


2009. Official distributors of Krink in Europe.

The key to success for the Krink brand has been a few different factors: The street knowledge of graffiti by a New York writer named KR, meticulous research, and development of their entire range of products, along with impeccable marketing.

At Krink they know how to connect with writers and satisfy their needs and desires by offering high quality products with powerful branding that makes it irresistibly attractive. 

At Montana Colors we are proud to have watched them grow and since 2007, proud to be their official European distributors.




2009. New Pocket 150 ml.

Our pocket has become big! In a format of 150ml, containing alkyd paint of the highest quality and matte paint, we added two new colors: Light Yellow and Electric Blue. We also added 2G and 94 technology to guarantee a high coverage with ultra fast drying times. If this wasn’t enough, we also added a new look courtesy of Os Gemeos.

Hey Ho! Let’s Go!




2009. 5th Anniversary of the Montana Shop & Gallery Barcelona.

On the 20th of March, 2009 Montana Shop & Gallery, a global reference point in terms of Graffiti stores, turned 5 years old. For the occasion there was an opening of the ‘Titeres’ exhibition, at the hands of andalucian artist Belin, one of the major representatives of Spanish hyper-realistic Graffiti, which was accompanied by DJ Puke on the turntables. A live jazz act and even a freestyle by MC and writer Girona Metro made it an uforgettable night.


2009. Blog at 12oz.com

Created in 1993, 12oz Prophet was originally a  North American magazine featuring articles, photographs and interviews related to graffiti. Thanks to the unique perspective from which it  developed its content at the time, and some top stories as the first interview of Twist and the first report about Os Gemeos, it gradually acquired great popularity and respect among its faithful followers.


Today 12oz Prophet has become a site in high demand thanks to the forum for writers or the bloggers group where share space authentic world graffiti legends as Martha Cooper, Os Gemeos, Scien & Klor, Bates, and Cope 2 among many others. Montana Colors is proud to share this unique experience with them. Come visit!




2009. The Brandery Barcelona.

Our first year at the international fair, which took over the renowned Bread and Butter. There we had a booth and organized a live exhibition of the Hawaii Computers collective (Rocki, Biz, Pako, Japon, Hosh), who delighted the attendees with a funny, yet meaningful mural.

2009. Montana Café & Restaurant Barcelona.

Montana Café & Restaurant opened its doors in this same year thanks to the need to have a third space which could compliment the Shop & Gallery which already existed in Barcelona. A fun and creative space, which owned, naturally by Montana Colors, associated itself with Graffiti and Street Art. A place in which to share some excellent lunch with your colleagues, which combines traditional global cuisines with delicious artesian deserts. And that is not all, because this multidisciplinary space also hosts regular exhibitions from local artists, photographers and book presentations and videos. And we warn you: if you stop by you can explore some of its dark corners, hiding works from international celebrities who passed through the city such as Os Gemeos, Rime or Aryz. Do not forget to visit us!





2009. Montana Colors en Twitter.

Just as it was important to have a presence on social networks such as Facebook, in 2009 we added Twitter to the list. Our platform on twitter grew strongly, gaining thousands of followers reading our daily tweets. Enter and follow us.

2009. Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa.

Along the years it has many times been the writers themselves who has gotten into opening their own shop for the need to be able to have quality products to paint with.

This is exactly the case with the four writers from LEG crew from lisbon, and the beginning of a friendship with Montana Colors.

Located in the citys most popular area, Barrio Alto, all the local as well as visiting writers now knows where to find the whole range of Montana Colors and graffiti related products in town. They also offer a great exhibition space where some of the biggest local and international names of graffiti has hung their works. For the opening of the shop the invited artist was Insa with his suggestive styles. A store for writers by writers, run in a efficient way with a good sense of taste. A must as a stop when visiting what is considered on of the principal cities of graffiti in Europe.





2009. www.mtn-world.com


With the increase of blogs and social networks, MTN World becomes a useful communication tool capable of showcasing latest news and videos that span the Montana universe and also from Graffiti around the world. A magazine format, which contains information from the latest in the network of Montana Shops, to interviews with artists of national and international fame, to other reports from around the globe along with the latest on Montana Colors products. It also contains a multiblog section where a select group of writers and crews representing various countries and continents have their own space.

With some 250,000 visitors a month, our world is an indispensable reference tool for those interested in Graffiti and Street Art.


2010. Montana Shop Madrid

At Montana Colors, we've been witness to the expansion of graffiti and, in part, responsible for its evolution. Now, 27 years after the first appearance of graffiti in the city, and 16 years after the birth of Montana as a graffiti paint brand, we have decided to pay homage to the city with the opening of our official Montana Shop Madrid, a space with the aim to be a meeting point from which to support and promote the scene and its creators.


+ info

2010. Streetfiles.org

This webzine dedicated to graffiti is one the the platforms with most traffic to be registered in all of Europe. Back in 2010 they bumped into some financial problems and almost had to close down, but reaching out for help changed that. Montana Colors never had a doubt in answering and since then we offer our support to the site as well as for other pages such as 

VelvetLiga.com, Goodfellas and EYC, amongst others. We believe it is important to support all sorts of entrepreneurs that comes up with new ideas and projects for the culture. 








2010. Montana Colors in Facebook.

It’s impossible to negate the importance of such a network platform such as Facebook in today’s age. Montana Colors is no different, and counts with its official page by which we upload visual content by which to entertain and keep active our community. We also hold promotions and contests, sharing blogs and also the latest on our products.

A community which grows day by day at an unbelievable rate. You still are not a fan? What are you waiting for? Come be a part of our virtual community by clicking here.



2011. MTN Industrial

Experience in the manufacturing and packaging of spray paint for graffiti served MTN in the development of a complete product range oriented at a more generalized industrial public.


Primers, special paints and protectors for all types of surfaces, and finishes, all make up the catalog for the Industrial line of Montana Colors.


+ info

2011. Montana Shop & Coffee Tokyo

The Montana Shop & Coffee concept has arrived to the Japanese capital, by the hands of our distributor and friend, Makoto.


This is an indispensable spot for aficionados of local urban art and for the fortunate visitors of this impressive metropolis mix of tradition and technological evolution.


+ info

2011. Montana Shop Sevilla

In 2011, Montana Colors relocated its official point of sale in Seville to another space at Calle Arjona nº 9, with easy access to the rest of the city, which you can get to easily by car from any other part of Andalusia, with a loading and unloading area, and located just 5 minutes from the bus station.


So we've returned to the classic store model, selling paint and accessories with a guarantee of the best service and our guarantee of quality, coupled with the best customer service by our store managers. Come check it out!


+ info

2012. New Hardcore

At Montana Colors, we wanted to do a complete overhaul of our most popular product which not only transformed graffiti art all over the world but also the spray paint industry as a whole.


The new Hardcore 2 still maintains its glossy finish and high pressure characteristics but now has a new formulation that offers a much faster drying time and excellent coverage in all colors. We also present the Pop range, ideal for inventing effects and enhancing the rest of the colors.


+ info

2013. Montana Shop Mexico DF

Montana Shop Mexico DF finally opened its door to a massive crowd of chilangos writers!!

The store, mixing up a fresh clean style with some classic Mexican icons, is located in the bohemian area of Roma, in the heart of the Mexican metropolis.

MTN Shop Mexico DF offers a huge selection of MTN products, together with classic brands like Krink and selected fine arts supplies. 


More info and pictures at mtn-world.com. Viva Mexico!

2013. MTN Mega Colors: Faster, Bigger, Stronger

We have modified our formula, gaining a faster flow, thicker lines and better coverage than ever before. Additionally, we have  extended the range to twelve of our brightest, most opaque colors. 


+ info

2014. MTN94 Specialty

A line of aerosol products destined for more specialized use. A dozen of new tools created as backup to our 94 and Hardcore color ranges.



+ info

2014. Montana Colors Laboratory (R+D+I)

Halfway through last year 2013, Montana Colors opened the doors in our facilities in Barcelona to our research, development and innovation center.


A center which is made out of a team of specialists with doctoral degrees in chemistry, engineering chemistry and color chemistry. The object for this technological center is to keep innovating and developing high quality products. The chemistry behind paint development is not as simple as it might seem, it is a question of chemical formulas with raw materials selected from all over the world.


We demand a lot from the suppliers of these materials, same as we demand a lot from ourselves in the making of these products in the aspects of health and safety of its user and the respect for the environment. 


+ info

2014. Water Based Spray paint 300

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new spray paint formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality. Highly recommended for Fine Artsgraffiti and many other professional jobs. Perfect for interior or exterior work. Waterproof once dry.


Technical specifications52 colors, anti-clog valve, ergonomic format 300 ml., feeling less fatigue when painting, indoors or places with poor ventilation, suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene, fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 - 25 minutes.


More info at Mtn-World.com

2014. MTN Water Based 100

We’re releasing a new format of our outstanding 2014 product: WATER BASED SPRAYPAINT. Same quality and performance but with a 100 ml. capacity.


Spray paint formulated with low odor, water soluble resins and high quality pigments.
Suitable for Fine Arts, Graffiti, and other professional work both indoors and outdoors. Water resistant once dry.


A more manageable aerosol product that makes it possible to be used in activities and workshops involving children. A logical evolution of our most artistic and “eco friendly” product.


Click here for more information.

2014. MTN Color Chalk. Removable paint

Removable paint ‘Color Chalk’, from the Montana Colors ‘Specialty’ line. 8 highly opaque, matte colors designed specially for temporary application.


Its formulation allows the paint to dry quickly to the touch without leaving loose pigment dust. For its removal we recommend scrubbing with a damp cloth or pressurized water, this way making for an easy cleanup. The less porous the painted surface, the easier the cleaning.

The residuals from cleaning are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of, even down drains.


Its quick and easy cleaning is much appreciated in temporary markings such as (construction, sports events, etc.), cinematographic decoration, Guerrilla marketing, or any other situation where the versatility of spray paint and an easy removal is necessary.


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