Keep The Planet Clean
Protects the environment

Since 1994 the founders of Montana Colors have promised as one of their objectives and standards, to guarantee that all products meet all the most rigorous requirements for preserving the environment and health of graffiti writers.


We have demonstrated our capability to produce products, transport them, and sell them, minimizing the the environmental impact. We are committed to making sure the future generations have a better world.


We have always used the iconic “Keep The Planet Clean”, became pioneers on a global level by collecting empty spray cans and educating and up-lifting awareness of our clients. All of our products our made with completely recyclable materials.

ISO 14001
A green goal

We uphold the ISO 9001 certification for our quality control as well as the ISO 14001, which guarantees our commitment to the environment. Together the quality level and reward for a job well done is attributed to our entire staff and the support and recognition we get from our clients.

Help us to recycle

Aerosols can contaminate if they are not used properly. This is why we encourage recycling cans once they are empty. They should be taken to the appropriate recycling container or center or to any of the hundreds of MTN trash can holders at shops where our products are distributed.


We work with the sensitivity of a craftsman; the best tool for creating and beautifying and up-lifting dark and colorless places. We have a mutual agreement with the environment. “What starts off good, should end good.”


1500 Project

“Can you count?”, Cyrus said in ‘The Warriors’.


“Can you count? Can you imagine the amount of empty cans that there are in the world?” The majority, unfortunately, end up being thrown on the ground of halls of game, yards, tunnels, etc…


The people from CanLove, via their new project, CANLOVE: 1500 Project, propose doing something with those dirty, rusted spray cans: collecting, manipulating, and cutting them, and using the parts to construct something new.


From Montana Colors, true to our slogan, Keep the Planet Clean, we are participating by offering 1,500 unsellable white 94 cans, which the people at CanLove  have used to make a huge canvas for painting upon.


Can Love Project in association with: White Walls, I.C.U. Art, Escape and Montana Colors.

Montana Colors complies with the following standards for quality, health and ecology.