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The Street concept by Montana Colors is designed for graffiti writers, but also for all those who are searching for a wide range of products for calligraphic or artistic uses. Its optimized valve system allows for constant flow, preventing spills and overloads.   The MTN Street line is available in two different refill types:   Street PAINT Markers Very solid paint marker. 12 colors (2 of which are metallic) that will meet the needs of the most demanding writers due to their high fluidity, opacity, and resistance. 15 mm / 0,59 in tip (12 colors) 8 mm / 0,31 in Round tip (black and silver)   Street INK Markers Alcohol-based, multipurpose ink marker designed to better withstand abrasion and UV rays. Available in black and red. Refillable. 15 mm / 0,59 in tip   And the Street Ink, available in Black and Red, the new 1000ml. container and 200ml / 6,7 oz ink format.
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